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Large Collection Set full of your favorite scents!

Retail Value: $60

(Please Note: Bee Sweet and Vanilla will currently take longer to ship due to popularity of products. Vanilla Collection contains Goat’s Milk Soap)

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Our Large Collection Sets are a great way to get the products you love in your favorite scents! Collection Sets Include:

  • 4 Bath Bombs
  • 2 Bars of Soap
  • 1 Hand Lotion
  • 1 Sugar Scrub


Fragrance Options:

  • Bee Sweet 
  • Lavender Fields
  • Pink Flamingo
  • Vanilla – This collection contains a mix of our Very Vanilla and Vanilla Mudslide Products (Contains Goat’s Milk)
  • Wild Earp
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Additional information

Weight3 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 4 in
Collection Set Choice

Bee Sweet, Lavender Fields, Pink Flamingo, Very Vanilla, Wild Earp


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