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How do you get your coupon?

  1. Signup for our newsletter
  2. Confirm your subscription to our newsletter in the email we will send you.
  3. Once your subscription is confirmed we will email you code worth 15% off your entire next order and a free bar of soap.


How often will you email me?

We only send out a monthly newsletter once per month around the 25th of each month. This newsletter is for the upcoming month and details all upcoming promotions and news. It will also include a coupon that is good for the special of the month. This could be a percentage off your order or a special price item.


Can I unsubscribe?

Yes you can. Even if it was not the law to offer you a way to unsubscribe we would still have this option to do this. Our monthly newsletter has an option to unsubscribe and if all else fails just shoot us a message from Here and we will gladly remove you manually. It is that easy.