The Journey Of Walnut Mill

The journey of Walnut Mill has been a long one. For over 40 years 2 families dreamed of creating something that would help others and finally this dream is coming true. It wasn’t until 4 years ago that 2 friends met at the most unlikely of places that this dream began to be formed. Steve Ricker had been a General Manager for over 24 years at at a major entertainment company and while he dreamed of something better he could not see how he would ever achieve his goal. In 2013 Steve met Kevin Grames who had been managing a local area major retailer when Kevin decided to re-enter the restaurant industry and joined Steve as a Manager at the “Cheese” as Steve liked to call it.

Kevin who had spent a number of years in the United States Army and later managing restaurants and retail stores as a General Manager shared the same dream that Steve did. Owning a business and working for themselves.

Walnut Mill came about from Kevin’s love of handcrafted American made products and his interest in making soap. Approaching Steve with the idea of creating a business built around quality handmade soaps and other handcrafted items Walnut Mill was born.

Steve and Kevin have forged a friendship that is more like 2 brothers who didn’t share the same parents. Their passion has spilled over into Walnut Mill as their business grows and so does their extended family.

It has been extremely important to take care of each customer as if they are part of the Walnut Mill family. That is why we at Walnut Mill take the time to personalize our customer interaction both through our website and at each of the craft shows we visit each year. If you want to know more about our Walnut Mill family just drop us an email and ask away. We are always glad to hear from our friends and family.

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