Handmade Soap – How To Make It Last Longer

It is amazing how many people do not know that handmade soap like so many other things in life needs proper handling and care. Handmade soaps if cared for properly will typically last 2 to 3 weeks in a normal use environment. The question we get a lot is “How hard is it to make your soap last that long?” The answer to this is not very hard at all.

There are a few factors in your house that affect how long our handmade soaps will last and you can control them. The actual time that handmade soaps last in any given household depends on a few factors:

  1. Water type – Do you have soft or hard water?
  2. How much lather you like to create?
  3. Frequency of use – How many showers a day┬ádo you take?
  4. Do you allow your soap to dry between uses?


Water Type – Hard water actually breaks down any soap faster. This is due to the minerals and metals that are common in hard water. An easy way to get rid of your hard water and the ugly stains that come with it is to install a water softening system. Of course installing one just to save on the life of your handmade soap might be a bit extreme, but it does help fight those stains.

Lathering – If you are like many of us out there you love to see the lather of your handmade soap. To many of us lathering up our soap gives us the feeling that it is cleaning better. The truth is that it is not, but hey it makes us feel better. However, the more you lather the faster you are using your soap up.

Frequency of Use – The average person will shower once per day, but there are those of us that love to take 2 or more showers a day and that affects the amount of time that your handmade soaps will last.

Proper Drying – This is one step in making your soap last that most people do not know about. Allowing your soap to dry fully between uses is extremely important to making any handmade soap last for a long time. As water gets onto any soap it begins to break it down allowing it to lather up. The combination of rubbing your handmade soaps on your skin and the water creates an amazing lather. However, if you do not allow it to dry in between showers your soap will break down faster. One way to help your soap dry is to place it on a soap dish that has proper air movement all around your handmade soaps.

Taking proper care of your handmade soap not only makes it last longer, but also saves you money. At Walnut Mill we want you to get the best value for your money and taking proper care of your handmade soap will help you enjoy your soaps longer.

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